joi, 20 octombrie 2016

Virtual tour - what this really means?

A couple of years ago I remember myself following Star Trek, a TV series where everything happened in a distant future, where human kind had access to a lot of interesting technologies that would entertained us and made our life more interesting. One of those technologies was relatedd to the virtual reality (and also combined a bit with some augmented reality) which was something almost magic (it was way over the limits of science from my point of view).

Now - after less than 20 years I am using an Oculus Rift, or a HTC Vive and I am very close to that experience, which is more than an achievement, it is really extraordinary from any kind of point of view - as the technology managed to caught up really well with the peoples ideas from the 70s or the 80s (when Star Trek The Next Generation was shot).

Also, the fact that there are a lot of software solutions out there that are taking advantage of the virtual reality in order to promote other different products - for instance virtual tour software solutions (like the Tour Wizard for instance), or a couple of marketing solutions for travel companies which offer Virtual Tours for different destinations, that would help the travellers to decide on a certain offer faster, even in the real estate industry there are a lot of plans for the virtual tour generators and other kinds of software that would help with the distribution of those virtual tours over the internet.

So - if you want to use those as a technology for learning purposes this would be great, also for the real estate industry, also for the travel industry - the virtaul reality will have a very good defined palce in our future lifes - I am really sure of that.

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